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Gaining weight is a journey as difficult as losing weight. Along with your regular workout, eating a healthy diet contributes a lot to your weight gain goals. A common myth is that we can gain weight by eating a lot even if the food is unhealthy… so people end up eating cheeseburgers, chips, and sweets, unaware of the future repercussions. While binging on anything at arms reach sounds like an easy option to gain weight, eating right is more important than eating a lot. Eating unhealthy food may have a lot of calories but significantly less nutrition value. Such food makes you lazy, full, and bloated and may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and other serious illnesses as well. Hence you should always to watch what you eat, no matter what your fitness goal is. 

Like obesity, being underweight is also a significant concern – something which is often overlooked. Lean body weight is bundled up with various underlying health issues, less immunity, and nutrient deficiencies. 

Gaining weight is also vital for few people. How to gain all that weight safely? Here are some weight gain tips.

Sometimes it takes months or years to gain weight. So if you want to do it the right way, always opt for good weight gain food dense in nutrition and does not contain excess sugar and fats.

  • One way to gain weight is to eat more calories than your body can burn. But it is essential to ensure that you do not consume empty calories and intake something high on nutrition that is good for your body. 
  • Eating plenty of protein is also necessary and the most common advice to people wanting to put on some extra kilos. 
  • It is okay to increase the meals’ size, but eating wrong and unhealthy food can negatively affect your body in the future. Always opt for healthy food options. 
  • Healthy food best complements a good workout, so ensure that you have a good workout schedule in place. If you do not have time for working out, develop tiny healthy habits like taking stairs instead of the lift, walking while talking over calls, going for night strolls after dinner, and others.
  • Avoid drinking water before meals. Water makes you feel fuller, making you eat lesser, which we do not want to do when we want to gain weight. 
  • A great weight gain tip is to catch up on your sleep. An adequate amount of sleep helps in muscle growth which enables you to gain weight.
  • If you hate consuming fruits and vegetables, try to drink 100% fruit and vegetable juices. However, it is always suggested to have fruits in their raw forms. 
  • Finally, another weight gain tip is always to use bigger plates so that you end up eating more (wink!) 

So, now that we have some tips that will help us gain weight let us focus on some power food contributing positively to weight gain. 


1) Homemade Protein Smoothies

Homemade proteins are a healthy and highly nutritious way to gain weight. Making your smoothies at home gives you complete control over the nutritional value and flavors. It’s healthy, tasty, and one of the most useful weight gain food. 

If you are in the mood for smoothies and you do not have time to make it at home, check out healthy smoothie options on our menu—Visit ( for more. 

2) Whole Milk

Whole milk is a good source of calories, proteins, and other nutrients. In fitness communities, milk is known as an agent for healthy weight gain food.

A quick weight gain tip: Your metabolism slows down at night, so the calories consumed right before bed is slightly tougher to burn. Hence, it is advised to have a glass of milk before bed.

3) Rice

Carbohydrates contribute to gaining weight. A single cup of rice has 200 calories. Many people find it easy to incorporate rice into their diets. Hence, replacing your regular chappati with rice may be a great option if you plan to gain weight. 

Portion Control
Red Meat

4) Red Meat

Red meat helps with building muscle and contains fat and protein essential for your body. Leucine and creatine are present in steak, and they play a significant role in boosting muscle mass.

5) Potatoes and Starches

Potatoes are well-known for gaining weight. They are potent sources of starchy carbohydrates. Carbs help store unburnt fats in the form of excess fats, which is why it is great for those looking to put on some extra kilos. 


6) Avocados

Avocados are an excellent weight gain food and are stacked with healthy fats. They are reasonably calorie-dense compared to other whole fruits. They are also high in minerals and vitamins. Avocados are versatile and can be added to many different meals or eaten independently—another much preferred option for those who want to gain weight. 


7) Cheese

Cheese is high in calories and fats. If you eat it in larger quantities, it can also be a good source of protein. Since cheese has an incredible taste, a weight gain tip for all is to add it to any meal for better taste and calorie boost. 

8) Whole eggs

Whole eggs are a great source of proteins and many other beneficial nutrients. There’s no limit to the number of eggs you can consume in a day, but it is advisable to consume in limits, i.e., 4-8 eggs a day. 

9) Fresh fruits

Many fruits are low in calories and can help you gain weight due to their fat content and higher carb. Bananas and Mangos are a great source of carbs and calories. Bananas are readily available in the market; on the other hand, mangoes are seasonal fruit. You can always carry bananas for a quick snack. 

10) Nut and nut butter

Nuts and nut butter are a perfect choice if you’re looking for weight gain food. Nut butter is tasty and can be added to snacks or dishes, such as sandwiches, smoothies, yogurts.

11) Cereal bars

Cereal bars offer a convenient form of consuming the vitamins and mineral content of cereal. Select a cereal bar that contains whole grains, nuts, and fruits.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

12) Fats and oils

Oils derived from olives and avocados contribute calories and heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

The world-known secret behind gaining weight is eating the right weight gain food and consuming more calories than you need. A quick weight gain tip is to incorporate food items, and meal plans that you enjoy and stick to them for a longer period. The key to a good diet for weight gain is consistency and healthy eating. Remember, adding fats is not enough; building muscle is also essential and most significant for your weight gain journey. 

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