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Hello Visitor, I am Ibrahim Surya, the Founder of Diet With Care. “DWC” started with a dream to create a good food company In other words, a healthy food delivery chain.

Most of the meals we consume from outside are stuffed with taste boosters and fillings that are bad for our stomach. In other words, Not-Healthy!

However, DWC started with a need, a requirement, and a choice for my body. After ten hours of work and workout for one, I needed energy for my body. Junk was never my preference.

That’s when a need was found and as a result, this child was born to help people eat right, healthy, tasty, and never regret the same.

DWC caters to corporate offices, gyms, and everyone else through DWC kitchen outlets. We offer a healthy meal delivery service and healthy meal subscriptions. So whenever you choose to order your food online, you have loads of healthy food options now.

Ibrahim Surya Founder At DWC - Healthy Food Delivery Service

Say No! To Plastic​

At DWC we promote no plastic use and prefer environmentally friendly packaging. When you eat at Diet With Care, we make sure everything is served in containers made with sugarcane waste that dissolves inside water.

When you choose to eat at Diet With Care: You Eat Healthily, You Live Healthy & You Let Live, wherever you are! Your waste is somewhere polluting a lot of natural habitats. Plastic affects our environment, so say no! 

About Diet With Care​

A good fitness plan is a combination of healthy meals and a great workout. It is essential to support your workout goals with the right food, which is fresh and healthy. We have so many food options to choose from that we often get confused and choose the wrong meal. We often indulge in frequent ‘guilty pleasure’ eating, and let us not forget the ‘I am hurt, I need a tub of ice cream.’ eating – These are all choices, often pleasing but harmful for your body.

Healthy meals are also good for your mind. When you eat right, you feel better. Your body gets high energy levels that help you accomplish various tasks and keep your productivity going throughout the day.

We all have experienced the importance of healthy meals during the recent pandemic, where everyone was racing for good immunity. Good immunity is essential, pandemic or no pandemic, and eating right is the only way to get a sound immune system. A good immunity or a good lifestyle is not about one choice.

It is about a series of right decisions that we make. Order Healthy Food through Diet With Care and make the right food choices and enjoy a healthy food delivery.

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We at DWC understand the value of excellent and healthy eating and offer healthy fast food. To support your workout goals, we provide a range of fresh, diet food options that are healthy snacks to munch and nutritious meals that keep you full throughout the day.

We believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by healthy eating and eliminating junk. Now build your body with the right ingredients and healthy fast food. Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, build muscles or maintain a lean physique, you can achieve what you want by making the right food choices by opting for our diet food options.

Muscles are built in the kitchen, and we are your home/gym delivery kitchen to help you reach your goals faster. Order healthy food and let the magic of good eating happen!

Now enjoy healthy meal delivery at your doorstep - Order Healthy Food & Meals At Diet With Care.

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