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Healthy Fast Food Delivery Kitchen

We started for a reason and we are now serving that reason to eveyone in the form of salads, bowls and snacks to the offices and homes of our lovely customers who cannot let any junk enter their bodies.

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the right food!

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Behind the Start-Up

It All Started With A Need

A body without right nutrition is like a tree without leaves, we exist but not really. I wanted some muscles on me so I started working out. But it was just a sting to loads of supplements and powders. Can we create a body that looks sharp without any man-made so called protein? Looks difficult but not impossible. We learned about nutrients and vitamins from natural foods that we eat and then started creating some infused non-natural products to fulfill the needs of our workout, but you don’t need them when you know how to eat right.

We started Diet With Care so people can stop those fancy powders and eat something real. You know how your body will look like once you stop consuming artificial goods and for how long can you consume those?

- Ibrahim Surya

Chicken Breast

Eat Real! Eat DWC​

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