Portion Control

There are a lot of articles that help you to lose weight. We read it, try to follow it for a few days, and then forget about it. The problem is that we implement it, but we do not incorporate it as a routine into our lifestyle. Many people are always in a hustle, in a rush in life, where it isn’t easy for them to follow a proper workout regime. Though it is advisable to take little effort like walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift, and doing 10 minutes of freehand exercises, you can also shed some kilos only by diet. 

A popular hack is portion control. 

Now, what exactly is Portion-Size Meal?

A portion size meal contains enough portion of food required for your body to function, which also helps you keep your weight in check. When you do not control the quantity you eat, you end up overeating which may not benefit your health. So when you feel hungry, you take a limited portion of food on your plate and eat.

You can also lose weight by choosing your plates wisely.  Surprised? 

Always eat on smaller-sized plates. The smaller the size of the plate, the better. 

You can also use your plate as a portion guide if you don’t want to measure or weigh your food. For example, you can always fill half of your plate with greens, a quarter of your plate with proteins, etc., as per your diet requirement. 

Always avoid eating directly from packets and containers. Watch what you eat and the amount of food that you are eating for portion control. 

Portion Control
Portion Control

Why is Portion-Size Meal Important?

A balanced meal is easier when its portion is planned. This helps you shed some kilos only by dietAlthough the term may sound a little technical, we at Diet With Care have simplified it for you. Before knowing what a balanced meal consists of, let’s understand what Portion Planning is.

In simple words, one can clearly state that it is the quantity of nutrition you should be consuming every day to stay healthy and lose weight (If that’s your goal). All in all, a balanced diet should consist of 44 essential nutrients.

A portion planned meal can be consumed between 5-6 times a day with 2 hours of break between your food intake. Also, do not forget about water—the most essential to complete the diet, which is a major contributor to losing weight. An average of 2 liters is ideal each day, along with a 30-minute workout session. Always drink water half an hour between your meal – It will keep you fuller and aid your portion control. 

Please note, starving isn’t included in the portion plan. Starving not only weakens the body but also hinders it from gaining muscle mass. 

You can mix and match the amount of nutritional intake you need and create your meal plan. 

Create a food diary and track your food habits and calorie intake. If you are confused and find it challenging to plan the right meal for yourself, just DM us Diet With Care on Instagram and we shall be at your service. 

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